Sponge Story

“Sponge Madrid is a group of young, enthusiastic guides who offer activities and advice for travellers in Madrid.They definitely know their way around the city!”

Jay – Madrid backpacker

Walking Tours

We take you out on an entertaining walk around the city, and as we stroll along the cobbled streets, an experienced guide who will show you everything you need to see in Madrid. The tour lasts for over 2 hours, it’s in English, and it’s FREE. Yes, our guides only work on a tip basis, so you can enjoy this activity no matter what budget you are on.

Flamenco Shows

If you come to Spain, you know you MUST get to see a live Flamenco show…you don’t know what it is about? Flamenco is the passionate music and dance that are typical of the Spanish culture. We get the best discounts for our Sponge Madrid travellers.

And our star of the night…the…

Pub Crawls!

We know you came to Spain to soak in the culture, architecture, history, music and glorious food… but also, to enjoy Madrid’s nightlife! So come with us and your fellow travellers in our own private party through the city center best bars and clubs! We go to three different bars throughout the night, have a few drinks in each, meet lots of people from around the world, play games, exchange stories, and dance your life away at a great nightclub right in the city centre, close to everything. When does it finish? That’s up to you! WE never do because Madrid never stops partying!

Come to Madrid with SPONGE and soak up the city!

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